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It's really simple:


1.  Click the "Become a Member Link.


2.   Sign Up!


3.   Purchase your shirts, mugs, hats, or whatever means you want to show unity through.

4.  Take a Unity Pic or make a Video to show your support of ending racism and division and then 


5.   We will review and possibly place it on our growing CFAM pages.

6.    Subscribe and like our Color Free America page. Like and share.

7.    Read, Share, and Like our CFAM Blog.  


8.    Also, let us know of any content you think we should consider sharing with our CFAM, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram community. Especially instances where you saw different races, police, workers, and kids, sharing the love of life without bias.  Let's share the love!

9.  Start a CFAM group at your school, university, or workplace showing that Love and human kindness can outpace hate.

10.  Outwardly show that You are Becoming the Change that you want to see in the World!

11.  Subscribe Now to the growing Color Free America Movement!

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