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We will now address the substance, viability and merit of our revolutionary concept: “GLOBAL VISION”


    GLOBAL VISION is the realization that America is the State of Citizenship and home for more ethnic and diverse cultures than any other country,  which means that our neighborhoods and schools have become the crossroads of society, and that our national campaigns must begin to:

  • Promote unity, acceptance of our diverse origins, and

  • Go back to “grassroots” individual responsibility to preserve our ordained freedom by working together to establish America as a “Color Free Zone” where there is no supreme race or color, but ONLY CITIZENS WORKING TOGETHER TOWARDS FREEDOM, LIBERTY, AND LAWFUL EXPRESSION FOR ALL PEOPLES.

A.  The substance of “GLOBAL VISION” is its conceptual ability to address every nationality with one statement, “Color Free Zones,” and a symbol representing unity and the fact that all of our paths lead to each other. For example, in our schools we have Asian, Hispanic, African-American, Anglo, Jewish, Indonesian, Chinese, Vietnamese, French, and Spanish peoples in daily contact with each other.

CHALLENGE – Can you name one government or state sponsored educational program synonymous with *2? One that in one sentence or symbol is recognized nationally by youth and adults, and that also brings with it the POWER of unity and a message of definite impact with one statement or sentence? We realize that is a hard challenge, but also one we have answered and intend to show as viable and even more versatile. 

B.  By wearing the wrong color of shoes in some schools and neighborhoods is to invite danger, and that is an understatement. By declaring schools...............


1.  Our neighborhoods as well as communities are diverse in racial, cultural, and ethnic mix. Multicultural Unity .............

2.  Our schools could use some “We Support Gun Free Schools” posters, constantly reaffirming this statement of fact! ...........

3.  Busing and New Transfers is accepted by as many, as it is opposed by. A “Color Free America” is the only one way to make the transition more palatable. Our nation is challenged to accept the fact that it is easier to go forward together, all citizens included, than to undo over two hundred years of social and civil achievement which makes our nation great!

4.  “This is a Drug Free School” creates student participation and the opportunity to set the standard in a positive way. .....................

*This is the introduction and beginning of a versatile and relevant program that will inevitably change, challenge, and reshape the destiny of millions of American youth and the communities they live in. And with an affirmative “YES”, our nations’ schools WILL be changed, creating a platform for youth speakers promoting a “United America”!


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